What is the fear of the opinion of the Witch

With a sense of fear, a sign everyone. Psychologists believe the emotion of one of the most harmful and even deadly. Of course, we are talking about the so-called fear of anticipation, when a person is afraid to try something in the future, such as pain and suffering. Such fear is quite magical explanation.
To drive fear-feeling must first renounce any were forecasting attempts to discern their own future. Do not forget the conventional joke: «If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans.» One who can ever renounce attempts to predict events not tasted fear. But he does not know real joy. Flows smoothly and quietly his life. However, this state — the lot of few, because few people can completely forget about the future.
Another type of fear — called induced fear. Danger threatening a neighbor or friend, a misfortune befell the neighbor — it all becomes a source of induced fear. Man as a social being is very difficult not to feel the feelings of others, no matter how natural or destructive they may be. The most common is absolutely induced fear of death.
Why suddenly all humans (or the vast majority of them) relate death with terrible physical torture? Objective data from the dead, is not, and other data look dubious. But in recent years, psychologists, psychiatrists, biochemists have concluded that, shortly before the death of the physical torment of man completely stopped and begins the complex process of transformation in the living inanimate. It would seem that what is there to be afraid of. But still… fear not only breaks the human psyche, complicates his life in society, but also destroys the fine structures of the human being. Biochemical studies have been carried out, which proved that the person at the time of fear is broken transmission of nerve impulses. Reacts violently to the fear and the physical body: the whole group of diseases can be caused by fear.
How to protect from fear? How to protect yourself from the fear of witches, who by the nature of their occupation forced from time to time to look beyond the veil of the future?
Of the everyday ways are suitable analysis of natural fears. We must try to determine what percentage of your real fear. But it must be said that many people are not able to analyze their own fears. But untreated fear can lead to phobias — a complex mental manifestations, for example, death phobia, phobias infection, etc. The analysis of fear should help people to answer the questions: «Who am I?», «What annoys me *,» What I love? "," Who I want to see next to each other? «and finally,» What I fear most? «If the answers to questions are sincere, fear retreat: he is afraid to live in the light of consciousness.
Taking back to the primitive physiological level (eg pain), eventually striking fear the higher parts of the human mind. They bring fear to defeat magical energy — a curse.
With the magical point of view, fear is a special kind of vibration of the astral shell of a human being. Sources of vibration can be both external and internal. If the witch seeks help people, which is owned by the feeling of fear, the witch must carefully examine the possible external influences (including the possibility of a curse), and then use a technique to estimate the possible internal source of fear. In particular, the internal source of fear may indicate the Tarot card „The Tower, one is struck by lightning,“ or fleece NAUTHIZ, meaning difficulty, tightness and pain.
But what to do when fear takes hold itself witch? This is a very serious situation. witch must weigh their past actions and words. Examine their contacts and communications. Perhaps the choice of magical equipment does not meet the abilities of the person, and perhaps she did magic classes are contraindicated.
If fear struck you, find the strength to renounce claims to the magical region: it is much better than getting a death blow of Fate

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